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Classes and solo classes available in  ballet, tap, jazz, acro  & stretch

Ballet 1
Ages 3-6.  No previous training. Emphasis is on creative movement.

Ballet 2      
Ages 7-12.  Basic ballet steps and creative movement.  

Advanced Ballet
Ages 13-18.   Advanced Class.  4-5 years prior training preferred.

Acro 1
Ages 3-6. Beginner class.    No previous training.

​Acro 2
Ages 5-9.  Intermediate.   3-4 years prior training preferred. 

Strength & Conditioning
Ages 8-18. Intermediate. 4-5 years prior training preferred. 

Twinkle Toes Tots - Tap and Jazz

Ages 3-4.  Beginner class.  No previous training. 

Little Dippers - Tap  and Jazz
Ages 5-7.  Beginner-intermediate.

Shooting Stars  -  Tap and Jazz

Ages 8-12. Semi-Advanced. 


Super Stars  -  Tap and Jazz

Ages 13-18. Advanced.


Acro Class.heic
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