Covid-19  Guidelines


All dancers must wash hands before each class.  Hand soap is in the bathroom and sanitizer is by the entrance and by the desk for touch up sanitizing.


No masks are required but feel free to wear one if you want and we will wear one if you want us to also. Just let us know ahead of time.


There are taped out sections throughout the studio for the dancers to have their own personal space to put dance bags and etc.  They must keep their stuff in the 6x6 sections.  


The lobby is closed to non-dancers so if a parent needs to come in wait in the hallway or come to the desk during Miss Sondra's desk hours. If you can't make it into the studio during her desk hours you can mail payment, pay over the phone, email or text for any info needed.  


 Temperatures will be taken at the beginning of class.  Stay home if the  dancer or anyone in the household has COVID-19 symptoms.


Teachers will sanitize barres, chairs, matts, etc in between classes if used.  Please limit unnecessary touching of surfaces and face.  


 Floors will be steam mopped every night.


We cannot wait to see our dancers!! For the health and safety of our staff and families, it is important to know we have been taking every necessary precaution when it comes to your health and the CDC guidelines during our Summer Opening.

Star Student Spotlight


At DDC, we are dedicated to the art of dance.  Our main goal is to be sure that young dancers are simply enjoying dance.  We encourage our dancers to have fun by infusing their own personality and attitude into their dance while also instilling in them discipline and classroom etiquette.

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