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Dance Recital

Every year in June, our studio proudly presents to friends & family a show to allow our stars to showcase everything they have learned during the year.  The recital represents a mass amount of teamwork from not only the DDC staff but also its students and their families.  Each year the students look forward to showcasing their talent.  We hope by continuing this, we spark inspiration in each of our students and instill in them an everlasting love of dance.  

A selection of students are chosen to be a part of the DDC competition teams.  Being chosen is a privilege and shows that the teacher/choreographer has seen something in you that makes for a great dancer.  As a part of one of the teams, your dancer would be expected to join their team at three competitions every season and would have the opportunity to perform at a couple optional competitions as well.  Competition team members are also required to take the summer program classes every year to keep conditioned in the off season. 
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